Whilst we do undertake work under traditional tender contract, many of our clients prefer the convenience and cost saving of having one company responsible for both design and construction, allowing for an efficient transition from project planning to implementation.

Design and build can be seen as giving a single point of responsibility for delivering the entire project. The contractor is responsible for the design, planning, organisation, control and construction of the works to the employer’s requirements.

If we are appointed from the outset of a project, we can develop the design being mindful of what is technically possible and what is possible within the construction budget, reducing delays and cost cutting measures at a later stage.

When the design is approved by the client, the construction is priced, adjusted if necessary and only once approved by the client, will construction commence.

Design and build is one of the three procurement routes favoured by the government for publicly-funded projects, as it allows a fully integrated team to work together on the project from the beginning.

By having all design consultants in-house, there is a collaborative approach to ensure the designs are translated and delivered as efficiently as possible