Alexander Build Ltd are a dynamic and fast-growing residential refurbishment and commercial construction specialist. Our projects are unique, diverse and vary in value and size, however all share in our passion for uncompromising quality.

We bring a wealth of expertise in the construction sector through the management’s experience and technical knowledge, as well as the team’s meticulous attention to detail. We have built an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects for both British and international clients.

We combine contemporary project management systems and innovative approach with a firm foundation of practical knowledge and extensive experience. We have a “can do” attitude, demonstrating to our clients a determination that anything is possible and bespoke solutions can always be found.

Having obtained a full appreciation of our client’s objectives, we combine practical knowledge with energy, skill and commitment to achieve every project task in good time, regardless of size or complexity.

We work with residential and corporate clients, investors and developers, top interior designers and architects, family offices and trusts to deliver award winning projects which exceed our client’s expectations.