Why Use A Design and Build Contractor?

Every project is built on the three pillars of Time, Cost and Quality.

Time is the project duration, meaning not just the time on site, but the whole project from its initial inception through to the handover and after-care. In bringing us on board as a D&B contractor, the client benefits from not only award winning interior design, but design that is considered with the construction process in mind. This makes the process quicker by not having to revisit the design at a later date, but also ensures speed when it comes to construction stage.

Cost – As the very same company will be constructing the project, careful consideration and due diligence is undertaken from a much earlier stage in the process to ensure the design is achievable and then it goes through a value engineering process to see if any costs can be saved in either the design or proposed construction materials.

Quality – Achieving a high quality finish is not something that should be left to the snagging process at the end of a project. Quality should be engineered from the design process on, to ensure firstly all of the client’s brief has been met and where possible, surpassed with our professional guidance to ensure functionality in all respects, for example, appropriate materials used to ensure longevity and durability, as well as of course a quality control process to ensure finishing meets our and the client’s standards.

Taking responsibility from the start of a project and having that continuity through the project from one party is something we find our clients value highly as costs and time are both saved, but quality is deeply embedded from the start of the project.