First-Class Interior Design for Bedrooms in London

The most personal room in your home, your bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with the latest design trends.

In London, there’s no shortage of inspiration, whether you’re transforming a residential or commercial property. Alexander Build works with people that need a variety of work, including interior design for bedrooms and living rooms.

A bedroom is the place you should feel most relaxed. 

Consequently, you most probably want to avoid ‘louder’ wallpapers or wall paints, with brighter colour likely to keep you awake. This is your comfort zone and you probably want interior design which reflects this.

Nonetheless striking wallpaper can still work really well in this space if it’s used as a feature wall: many people like to use bolder wallpaper to frame certain features, like their bed frame or a fireplace. 

An interior designer can come up with all sorts of inventive ways to make the most of any sized bedroom. That includes implementing clever storage solutions. 

Beautiful interior design for residential and commercial projects London.

Alexander Build works with everyone from investors and developers to leading interior designers and architects in London. We’re renowned for delivering award winning projects which exceed our client’s expectations.

If you want to know more about the latest interior design trends, Alexander Build are true experts when it comes to interior design and we can offer expert advice for decorating your bedroom. Why not view our blog to see what we get up to?For more information on our interior design for bedrooms, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.